Dr Haach


Your guide to smooth skin

As with most things, there’s no one size fits all so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that what works for your skin may differ from someone else.

From lasers and chemicals peels to derma rollers and microneedling, the options are endless when it comes to choosing a procedure to achieve the skin of your dreams. Here are some options that could be considered in the pursuit of flawless skin.

Microneedling vs Lasers

These work at treating different levels of the skin. Micro needling is a mechanical method that involves freshly creating thousands of tiny pricks in the skin that then are forced to heal. This procedure is usually best for large surfaces of skin and can show incredible results in elastin and collagen regeneration for a firmer and smoother complexion.

Lasers on the other hand, such as our Hyser treatments, use light as a primary source to focus attention on a particular treatment area such as pigmentation spots or redness. Due to its precision, lasers are usually the preferred choice for treatments that aim to preserve the integrity of the surrounding area of skin while alleviating the skin problem.

Chemical Peels

Unlike the previously mentioned procedures, chemical peels do require some downtime as the skin becomes sensitive to the elements. Chemical peels are a technique use by trained dermatologists to regenerate skin by chemically exfoliating and peeling skin to make way for new, radiant skin. Usually used for the treatment of acne, mild acne scars and for black and whiteheads our Chemical HyPeel also helps with sun-linked pigmentation like age spots, freckles and fine wrinkles around the eye area.