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Non-invasive lifting and tightening of your eyebrow, eyelids and scalp.



Fotona VectorLift

What is Fotona VectorLift?

Fotona VectorLift is a clinically tested solution for non-invasive eyebrow lifting and upper eyelid rejuvenation. The treatment provides the optimal balance between tissue tightening, new collagen formation and is a comfortable process with virtually no down-time.

Several clinical studies and research have proven Fotona Vectorlift to be a safe and effective solution for lifting of the brow area as well as eyelid tightening with no long-term side effects.

How does Fotona VectorLift work?

Fotona VectorLift is a 3-step procedure that extends the total treatment area to maximise lifting vectors by combining forehead, eyebrow elevation, eyelid tightening and scalp tightening. Extending the treatment to the scalp provides a strong anchor point for the lifting effect.

The depth of penetration with Fotona Vectorlift is especially favorable for facial treatments as it preserves subcutaneous fats, which is vital for facial integrity. Using controlled laser pulses and a hyperstacking protocol promotes deeper collagen growth, enhancing tightening. Gradual heat escalation is applied to ensure a comfortable treatment process.

Step 1

Laser applied for tightening to elevate eyebrow tail and tissue above eyelid

Step 2

Maximise total lifting traction vector surface area

Step 3

Upper eyelid tightening

Benefits of Fotona VectorLift

Eyebrow lifting

Eyelid Tightening

New collagen formation

Natural, long-lasting results

Non-invasive, painless process

No downtime

Eyebrow lifting

Eyelid Tightening

New collagen formation

Natural, long-lasting results

Non-invasive, painless process

No downtime

Is Fotona VectorLift Suitable for me?

Fotona VectorLift is suitable for individuals looking to tighten and rejuvenate droopy or wrinkled eyelids, or mild to moderate looseness on the eyelid area, upper eye region, and forehead region.

Why choose
Fotona VectorLift?

Fotona Vectorlift Surgical Browlift Botox
Is it painful?
Side Effects
20-30 mins
2-3 hours
~20 minutes
10-14 Days
Invasive Procedure
Maintenance after treatment


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Are there any extra cost?
No, there are no hidden costs at all! Our beauty experts and consultants will recommend suitable facial solutions after the face analysis to help with your existing face concern. But it will be entirely up to you if you wish to continue our service. We are a firm believer that customers will return for our services after having good session / experience with our facial treatments!


Fotona Vectorlift is a non-invasive laser treatment designed to tighten and rejuvenate the skin, providing a lifting effect.
Fotona Vectorlift works by applying laser technology to stimulate collagen production in the skin, which helps tighten and firm the treated areas.
Fotona Vectorlift is generally well-tolerated by most patients. Topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area to ensure comfort during the treatment process.
The treatment usually takes between 20-30 minutes to be completed.
Results may vary depending on individual skin condition and treatment goals. However, most patients see noticeable improvement after 3-4 sessions.
Fotona Vectorlift is a non-invasive treatment, so there is minimal to no downtime. Patients can typically resume their normal activities immediately after the treatment.
Side effects with Fotona Vectorlift are rare and typically mild. Some patients may experience temporary redness or swelling in the treated areas, which usually resolves within a few hours to days.
The results of Fotona Vectorlift can last for several months to a year or more, depending on individual factors such as skin type, age, and lifestyle habits. Maintenance treatments are advised in order to prolong results.
Fotona Vectorlift is safe for all skin types, including darker skin tones.
Avoid and limit sun exposure before treatment. After treatment, protect from sun exposure by applying SPF protection, avoid excessive heat, and follow post-treatment care instructions provided by our consultants. These precautions ensure optimal results and safety.

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