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6 Fantastic Treatments and Products to Stimulate Collagen in Singapore

It’s no secret that youthful skin makes us look and feel good. That said, different factors come into play regarding skin rejuvenation. One of the factors that directly influence this process is collagen. While our bodies naturally produce this component, we can stimulate its production through different means. There are a lot of these things that influence collagen in Singapore.

Most of us are familiar with the common effects of beauty products, like whitening and eliminating wrinkles. However, some products or treatments go the extra mile. While we cannot really feel it happening, collagen production is one of the things these treatments and products do under the surface.

This article will cover the importance of collagen production. We will also give you tips on how to stimulate this process naturally. Lastly, we will discuss various products and treatments directly affecting this process.

Importance of Collagen Production

Collagen is all about structure. These proteins help maintain the overall structure of your skin, making you look young. Since collagen affects skin structure and elasticity, it helps with skin rejuvenation and wound healing.

Collagen also affects our joints and bones. The cartilage on our joints and the overall structure of our bones greatly benefit from these proteins. Simply put, without collagen, the design of different areas of our bodies will be severely affected.

Natural Means of Increasing Collagen Production

Different treatments and products affect collagen production. However, we can do our part by following certain lifestyle choices. This process should come naturally, which means certain activities can bring it about.

Here are various natural means of increasing collagen production:

1.   Consume a Collagen-Rich Diet

Include foods like bone broth, fish, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables in your menu. These foods contain collagen-building nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. The things we eat directly influence the nutrients we get. By eating food rich in collagen, we will also get its benefits. 

2.   Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

Limit sun exposure, wear sunscreen, and use protective clothing. People from hot and humid countries suffer from the harmful effects of the weather. Production of collagen in Singapore becomes an issue if you don’t protect your skin by following these simple solutions.

3.   Stay hydrated

Drink adequate water to maintain skin hydration. Water just doesn’t quench your thirst; it also addresses your skin’s hydration needs. Think of it this way: if your skin has enough hydration, it’s less susceptible to the wear and tear of daily life.

4.   Quit smoking

Smoking accelerates collagen breakdown. Aside from its usual adverse effects on your lungs, your skin will also show signs of premature ageing. While quitting smoking isn’t easy, you should do it or avoid it entirely if you want youthful skin.

5.   Incorporate antioxidant-rich foods

Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals that damage collagen. Foods like berries, tea, and chocolate are rich in antioxidants. Why look for products that contain this component when you can get it naturally through these foods?

6.   Get quality sleep

Sleep is crucial for collagen production and skin repair. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night to promote optimal collagen synthesis. Skin experts from clinics, such as DrHAACH in Singapore, couldn’t stress the importance of sleep enough. Aside from its effects on your skin, you can also enjoy a significant boost in your energy if you sleep well.

6 Treatments and Products That Stimulate Production of Collagen in Singapore

It can be challenging to promote the production of collagen in Singapore. Since the country is a melting pot of cultures, following a proper diet and lifestyle choices can be tricky. Luckily, different treatment options and products can facilitate appropriate collagen production.

Here are treatments and products that make collagen production possible:

1. Oil Control Mattifying Moisturiser

The Oil Control Mattifying Moisturiser targets excess sebum on your skin. Excess oil on your skin clogs your pores and makes your skin more susceptible to various skin conditions. Your skin will look more youthful and fuller through ingredients that prevent excess oil production. Additionally, this product goes under the surface and stimulates collagen production.

2. Brightening Tinted Sun Defense

The Brightening Tinted Sun Defense doesn’t just shield your skin from UV rays; it also gives much-needed antioxidants. Antioxidants also play a crucial role in collagen production. You’re essentially getting protection from the sun and a facilitator for collagen in Singapore when you get this product.

3. Brightening Snow Creme

Pigmentation, or skin discolouration, is one of the most common skin conditions. The Brightening Snow Creme addresses this issue by giving you a fairer and more balanced skin tone. Additionally, you can enjoy increased collagen production while the product addresses pigmentation.

4. Nose Thread Hylift

Moving on to the various treatments, the Nose Thread Hylift is one of the best methods for stimulating collagen in Singapore. If you experience problems with your nose, this minimally-invasive procedure can help you attain a fuller look. One of the effects of this method is collagen production, so you’re essentially hitting two birds with one stone.

5. Collagen Hyser

You can already surmise from the name itself that Collagen Hyser targets collagen production. This technique is a lunchtime laser treatment that goes beyond your skin’s surface to produce fast results. By digging deep into your skin using a non-ablative laser, skin is repaired from the inside.  

6. Eye Hynergy 

Since the skin around our eyes produces the most visible skin conditions, we have another eye treatment. Eye Hynergy uses radio frequency technology to target the skin around your eyes and promote collagen production. You can also enjoy improved blood circulation around the area. Additionally, this technique dissolves fatty cells around your eyes, creating a fuller look.

DrHAACH Provides Treatments and Products That Stimulate Collagen in Singapore

Finding methods that facilitate collagen in Singapore can be challenging. Aside from the vast number of products and treatments to choose from, you also face the elements this country has to offer.

By tackling topics such as the importance of collagen production and the natural means of increasing its likelihood, we hope to have made things clearer. Additionally, we have included treatments and products for this specific process.

DrHAACH has these treatments and products that facilitate collagen in Singapore. We aim to provide timeless beauty to our clients. By trying these services, you are helping us help you, and you are also helping us.

Your journey towards fairer skin begins here! Contact DrHAACH now!