Dr Haach



For First Session
(Choice of forehead lines, eyebrow lift, frown lines or crow’s feet)

Botulinum toxin is injected in small doses via a fine needle into the muscles around the area, to weaken the nerves that controls muscle contractions. This relaxes tense muscles and softens it, therefore minimising wrinkles and creases on the face, such as frown lines and crows’ feet.

Suitable Conditions

  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines
  • Glabellar lines
  • Bunny lines
  • Forehead lines and wrinkles and etc

Key Benefits

Small, diluted amounts of the chemical is directly injected into muscles which then blocks nerve signals to the muscles. The injected muscle would soften, causing the appearances of wrinkles to disappear, or cause the face to appear smaller. It can also be used for excessive sweating. Treatments take only 10 – 15 mins. Results last up to 5 months.  

Any Discomfort?

There is minimal discomfort during this simple process, and topical numbing cream will be applied in advance to minimise any discomfort.

What is the Downtime?

It takes about 3-7 days for the treatment to take full effect. Temporary bruising at injected areas may be expected, and bruising should go away in about 3-7 days.

How long does it last?

The effects of BOTOX is not permanent. Each treatment will last approximately 4-6 months. After which, the muscles will begin to tighten again. It is recommended that you receive treatment again, should you wish to maintain the effect. With each treatment, these lines and wrinkles will appear less severe, as the muscles are trained to relax.

*Results may vary according to individuals.