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5 Ways To Help Reduce Eye Bags

As cliché as it may sound, the eyes really are the window to the soul. In some cases, the eyes also provide a glimpse into the wellbeing of a person. While eyebags are commonly associated with late nights, lack of good sleep, or long hours in front of a myriad of tech devices, they are typically caused by the thin skin and muscles around the lower eyelids deteriorating and sagging, and fluid occupies the newly created space.

Under-eye puffiness could also be exacerbated by seasonal allergies, water retention, eczema, and interestingly enough — sleeping face down. These, however, are preventable. Unfortunately, like dark under eye circles, eyebags are hereditary and can pass genetically. Needless to say, drinking, smoking and other self-inflicting vices are sure ways to speed up the eyebag formation process.

While small eyebags generally do not require serious medical intervention, there are some suggestions that can be taken into consideration to keep those bags in check!

Home remedies or over-the-counter products

Many cultures have their own brand of medical advice for most of what ails mankind. It is about striking the right balance to ensure those used cooled tea bags or cold compresses are teamed with other ingredients like phenylephrine (blood vessel constrictor) found in medical-grade products to benefit adequately.

Laying off the salt

Ahhh yes, good ol’ salt. While salt has been getting a bad rep for being the cause of high blood pressure, the sodium in salt can cause fluid retention in various parts of the body. Try lowering your consumption of salt and observe if the swelling decreases. Bear in mind, salt can sneakily be introduced even in healthy-looking dishes so pay a bit more attention to that next spoonful of food!

Eliminating cigarettes and limiting (or eliminating) alcohol

I’m sure we’ve all heard time and again about the dangers of smoking and drinking so let’s not get into that but do people know that smoking seriously dries out and weakens the skin over your whole body? It also leads to premature aging — around the eye region in particular. So, make a conscious effort to douse the urge for cigarettes and alcohol and watch those eyebags subtly deflate.

Screen your eyes from the sun

No, we’re not referring to screen time but sunscreen! The area around the eyes is susceptible to sun damage and the formation of wrinkles. So, dab some sunscreen on before heading out to enjoy the sun.

Seriously bad bags and need help?

Fret not if your eyebags are at a stage past measuring salt or glasses of wine. Our aestheticians and doctors can come to your rescue, albeit possibly with a bit more effort and money involved. We have access to medical-grade equipment that can provide clients with the results they’re looking for; from fillers and lasers to clinical grade skincare products that could provide long-term results. Head down for a consultation so an assessment can best suss out the appropriate treatment pathways for you.