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Nose Thread Lift in Singapore: A Complete Guide in 2024

Nose Thread Lift


For 3 threads

Improve The Visuals Of Your Nose And Address Your Cosmetic Goals With Our Nose Thread Lift.

Using only PDO licensed collagen threads, one would be able to achieve a higher nose bridge via this treatment.

Through the use of a thin cannula, the threads are inserted into the nose and anchored. Acting as a permanent support structure, the threads redefine one’s facial contours and induces the production of collagen within the skin, thereby producing an immediate and lasting effect on the face.

The nose: functional and aesthetic, it’s the one feature that can make or break your overall look. Ever wished for a slimmer, more elegant nose, or a sharper nose bridge? Well, in 2023, you can achieve that nose you’ve always wanted in a minimally discomforting manner. 

By the end of this article, you should know the ABCs of the procedure, including the benefits of nose thread lift, risks associated with nose thread lift, what the aftercare process is like and more.

What is a Nose Thread Lift? 

optimal nasal side profile for a nose thread lift

Doctors agree that the profile of the ideal nose is angled at 115-130 degrees from the top, and 90-100 degrees from the bottom. A sharp nose with a high nose bridge tends to show up better in photos. A nose thread lift is a cosmetic and non-surgical procedure designed to achieve some of the following results: 

  • Higher nose bridge
  • Smaller nose tip
  • Straighter nose
  • Contoured nose

Continue reading to discover the mechanics of the nose thread lift procedure

Benefits of a Nose Thread Lift 

Typically, people undergo a nose thread lift for one of two main reasons: cosmetic or corrective purposes. While for some a nose thread lift may be necessary (e.g., in correcting a birth defect), many choose to undergo this procedure to look better and gain confidence.

Here are the benefits of getting a nose thread lift:

  • Prettier nose
  • Increased confidence
  • Durable results (up to 2 years) compared to nose fillers (less than 1 year)
  • Does not migrate and risk widening the nose
  • Encourages collagen production

Nose Thread Lift Procedure

A nose thread lift, or “lunchtime nose job” as it is nicknamed, is a quick procedure that can be completed in under an hour. Before the actual procedure, the doctor will inject an anaesthetic into your nose and the surrounding area. Then, fine threads will be placed horizontally along the nasal bridge and the septum for the height, to give projection to the nose, and vertically into the tip of the nose. The threads help “mould” your nose into your desired shape,  while stimulating the production of collagen at the same time.

Nose Thread Lift Results

Only one session is needed to see results from a nose thread lift, with the initial results improving 4-6 months later. However, we recommend you schedule a follow-up session one year later, as this can help further prolong the effects of the nose thread lift.

Nose Thread Lift Risks

The risks associated with nose thread lifting are minimal. Having said that, infections, allergic reactions, pulling and lumpiness and bleeding could potentially occur. Like any other cosmetic procedure, we recommend you to consult our doctors for their professional opinion.

Advantages of Nose Thread Lift

As mentioned earlier, as a non-invasive procedure, nose thread lift is technically safer than fillers and surgical rhinoplasty. To date, there are no known reports of incidents concerning nose thread lift in the media.

Disadvantages of Nose Thread Lift 

A nose thread lift might not be able to elevate the bridge of your nose as high as filers could. Unlike rhinoplasty, the effects of a nose thread lift are also not permanent: to maintain the initial effects, you’ll need to visit your doctor every 1-2 years. While it isn’t the most costly procedure, it’s also not cheap to get a nose thread lift.

How Much Does a Nose Thread Lift Cost in Singapore? 

A nose thread lift costs $600-$2,000 in Singapore. Prices vary depending on factors such as how your nose is shaped, the skills and experience level of the doctor, the kind of effect you want to achieve, the brand and quality of the threads, and the number of threads used.

Try our Nose Thread Hylift procedure from the price of $388 today.

Nose Thread Lift


For 3 threads

Improve The Visuals Of Your Nose And Address Your Cosmetic Goals With Our Nose Thread Lift.

Using only PDO licensed collagen threads, one would be able to achieve a higher nose bridge via this treatment.

Through the use of a thin cannula, the threads are inserted into the nose and anchored. Acting as a permanent support structure, the threads redefine one’s facial contours and induces the production of collagen within the skin, thereby producing an immediate and lasting effect on the face.

Is Nose Thread Lift Suitable for me?

A nose thread lift is suitable for adults aged 18 and above. This procedure is not recommended for those under 18 as it may risk disrupting the active growth and development of the nose. For reference, here are a few other groups of people who may benefit:

    • People looking to correct a nose deformity (e.g., deviated septum, saddle nose)

    • People who want to boost their appearance for greater self-confidence 

    • People who have never had surgical rhinoplasty (existing implants could complicate the procedure)

Looking to consult a professional? Indicate your interest here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Why DrHaach For Nose Thread Lift?

DrHaach utilises FDA-approved technology, and we have decades of experience in the beauty and skincare industry. In our nose thread lift treatments, we use PDO (polydioxanone) licensed collagen threads – the same type of thread used in cardiac surgeries. At DrHaach, you will receive utmost attention and care to make sure each step of the procedure – from consultation to aftercare – goes smoothly.

Nose Thread Lift v.s. Filler

A nose thread lift can last nearly twice as long as fillers. Overall, the former also comes with fewer risks than the latter.

AspectNose Thread LiftFiller
Effects attainedSmaller nose tip, contoured nose, straighter noseHigher nose bridge, straighter nose
How long effects last for1-2 years<1 year
Risks involvedMinor discomfort or pain, swelling, infectionsMigration of filler leading to unevenly-shaped nose
Downtime requiredLittle to none Little to none

Nose Thread Lift v.s. Rhinoplasty

For better or for worse, a nose job surgery can be a life-changing event. When you opt for rhinoplasty, the ideal outcome is for you to achieve your desired look the first time. Sometimes, however, the surgery may not go as planned (or worse still, goes wrong), and you may have to go for a second surgery, putting you at risk of complications once more. Comparatively, things are more straightforward with a nose thread lift.

AspectNose Thread LiftRhinoplasty
Effects attainedSmaller nose tip, contoured nose, straighter noseNasal asymmetry, nose size/shape/proportion relative to the face, difficulty in breathing as a result of structural problems, nostril size
How long effects lasts for1-2 yearsA lifetime
Risks involvedDiscomfort or pain, swelling, infectionsScarring, pain, discoloration, an uneven nose, permanent numbness, breathing problems
Downtime requiredLittle to noneUp to one year

FAQ on Nose Thread Lift

1. Is Nose Thread Lift Treatment Painful?

Thanks to local anaesthesia, nose thread lift treatments are typically not painful. During the procedure, some people report experiencing a slight burning or prickling sensation. The pain experienced by the individual also depends on the type of thread used, anaesthesia used, individual pain tolerance and the extent of the procedure.

2. What are the Side Effects of a Nose Thread Lift? 

After getting a nose thread lift, you may experience some swelling, tenderness, soreness and bruising in the nasal region. These symptoms should resolve by themselves in a few days.

3. How Long Does Nose Thread Lift Last? 

A nose thread lift can last up to 2 years. It is not permanent as the PDO thread dissolves over 3-6 months time and becomes absorbed by the body. Due to increased collagen production, however, its effects may last longer. The collagen gives it extra definition.

4. How Do You Sleep After a Nose Thread Lift?

To minimise swelling, ensure there is as little pressure as possible on your nose for about a week after the procedure. For example, instead of sleeping face down, sleep in an upwards-facing position with your head propped on a pillow.

5. How Many Threads are Used in a Thread Lift? 

Typically, 6-10 threads are used in a single thread lift session. This number may differ from person to person. 

6. Do I Need to Visit the Doctor for Nose Thread Lift Aftercare?

A follow-up appointment might be necessary, but home/personal care is most important after a nose thread lift. Follow the tips below to care for your nose: 

  • Avoid alcohol for at least 2 weeks 
  • Refrain from applying makeup for at least 3 hours after the thread lift
  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • Avoid excessive heat exposure 

7. Are Nose Thread Lifts Permanent?

No, nose thread lifts are not permanent. As their effects disappear after a maximum of 2 years or so, they can be a good option if you’re not ready or don’t want to commit to a permanent solution. If you’re sure about getting a nose job, you could opt for surgical rhinoplasty.

8. What Food to Avoid After Nose Thread Lift? 

To prevent infections from developing, doctors recommend staying away from alcohol and spicy food for at least a few weeks after the procedure. 

9. Are There Subsidies for Nose Thread Lift?

No, there are no subsidies for nose thread lift. A nose thread lift falls under the category of cosmetic surgery and is thus usually not covered by schemes such as Medisave and CHAS. However, if you’re getting a nose thread lift for medical purposes, your insurance provider may cover part of the cost.

The Team of Doctors at DrHaach

The team at DrHaach comprises three doctors: Dr Xie Ziwei, Dr Desmond Tan and Dr Gavin Kang. 

Dr Xie Zi Wei of DrHaach

Dr Xie is a licensed medical practitioner from US National Council of Laser Certification. His education in the medical field means he has a solid foundation, with him having three medical-related medical diplomas: Dermatology from Cardiff University, and Family Medicine and Occupational Medicine from the Graduate Division of National University of Singapore. Prior to joining Dr Haach, he was the Medical Director of various well-established medical clinics.

Dr Desmond Tan of DrHaach

Dr Desmond Tan is among 21 doctors in the past 13 years to receive accreditation from the American Academic of Aesthetic Medicine as a Board Certified Aesthetic Physician. A firm believer of safety and free will, he prioritises the interest of his patients over everything else. His other accreditations include: MBBS (Singapore), GDFM (Singapore), Board Certified Aesthetic Physician (AAAM).

Dr Gavin Kang of DrHaach

With 18 years of experience under his belt, Dr Gavin Kang has received training for cosmetic surgery in Korea and the USA. He is the chairman of  the Chapter of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, College of Surgeons, Singapore. Some of his accreditations are: MBBS, MRCSEd, MMed (Surgery), MEng (Bioengineering), FAMS (Plastic Surgery).

To learn about your nasal profile, book an appointment with our doctors now. We’re confident that our range and quality of services will satisfy your needs. 

To Sum Up

As the technology industry develops, so do the tools and technology used in the cosmetic surgery sector. While it may not be life changing, a nose thread lift could help to boost your self-confidence significantly. While the procedure isn’t without side effects and risks, those are fairly controlled. 

Woman with beautiful nose

With DrHaach, rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. If you prefer to meet us in person, we are located at Orchard Central, Raffles City and Tiong Bahru Central Plaza respectively. We hope to see you in our clinic soon!

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