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Fotona HAIRestart

Clinically proven to stimulate dormant hair follicles, promote new growth and revive your hair in under 30 minutes.


Includes nanoJET™ delivery system

What is Fotona HAIRestart?

Fotona HAIRestart is a clinically proven laser hair growth stimulator treatment that promotes follicle regrowth across all stages of hair loss. Controlled scalp heating stimulates dormant follicles gently, enhancing blood circulation for renewed growth. The treatment is quick, painless and entails no down-time.

Several clinical studies have demonstrated high efficacy and no adverse effects especially for patients with alopecia. Significant improvements of hair growth along with increased hair density, and a stabilization of hair loss were observed, regardless of the patient’s extent of hair loss, age or duration of hair loss.

How does Fotona HAIRestart work?

Fotona HAIRestart lies in the patented Fotona SMOOTH technology that gently delivers pulses to the scalp tissues, triggering the scalp’s responses in a safe and controlled manner. The machine operates at the optimal infrared Er:YAG laser wavelength (2.94 μm) that coincides with the maximal absorption in the skin.

The treatment uses laser energy to trigger a biological response to the deeper layers of the scalp’s skin, boosting the body’s natural collagen production for enhanced tissue healing. It promotes the replacement and repair of damaged hair follicles. After treatment, the scalp experiences a significant increase in nutrient supply, stimulating normal hair regrowth.

Benefits of Fotona HAIRestart

Is Fotona HAIRestart Suitable for me?

Fotona HAIRestart is suitable for a range of hair concerns from androgenic alopecia (the most common type of hair loss) to other forms of hair loss such as hormone-related or pregnancy-related hair loss problems. It can also help with rare causes of hair loss such as autoimmune hair loss.

The treatment is also suitable for the following hair and scalp concerns:

Receding Hairline

Bald Spots

Thinning Crown

Why choose
Fotona HAIRestart?

Fotona HAIRestart Hair Transplant Generic Homecare Treatments Medication
Depends on Treatment
Depends on Medication
Is it painful?
Side Effects
20-30 mins
8-10 hours
Over long course
2-5 Days
Invasive Procedure
Maintenance after treatment
Suitable for all Scalp Conditions


Why Choose Dr HAACH for Fotona HaiRestart?

Dr HAACH是姐妹品牌,为女士和男士提供全面的美容解决方案。Dr HAACH的医生团队具有丰富的经验和先进的专业知识,他们帮助顾客实现想要的外观和自信。Dr HAACH利用FDA批准的技术和医疗程序,来解决一系列皮肤问题,比如哦痤疮、色素沉着和过早衰老。 Dr HAACH在美容和护肤领域拥有26 年的专业经验,强调使用优质护肤产品和创新的美容治疗,为客户提供最佳效果。选择Dr HAACH还能享受个性化护理方案,帮助您实现护肤目标。

Our Doctors:
With a combined experience exceeding 40 years in both medical and aesthetic practices, our team of doctors at Dr HAACH is equipped to address a wide range of concerns. Speak with our doctors today to find the suitable treatment for your condition.
Dr Xie Zi Wei of DrHaach

Dr Xie Ziwei

Fotona HAIRestart


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Are there any extra cost?
No, there are no hidden costs at all! Our beauty experts and consultants will recommend suitable facial solutions after the face analysis to help with your existing face concern. But it will be entirely up to you if you wish to continue our service. We are a firm believer that customers will return for our services after having good session / experience with our facial treatments!


Fotona HAIRestart is a hair restoration treatment that utilizes advanced laser technology to stimulate hair growth and improve scalp health.
Fotona HAIRestart works by delivering targeted laser energy to the scalp, which helps to improve blood circulation, stimulate hair follicles, and promote the growth of new, healthy hair.
Fotona HAIRestart is suitable for individuals experiencing hair thinning, hair loss, or other scalp conditions. It can be beneficial for both men and women of all ages.
The number of Fotona HAIRestart sessions required varies depending on individual factors such as the severity of hair loss and scalp condition. However, most patients typically undergo a series of sessions spaced several weeks apart for optimal results.
Yes, Fotona HAIRestart is a safe and non-invasive treatment option. It is performed by trained medical professionals in a controlled setting.
Before treatment, avoid sun exposure, discontinue scalp medications, and inform our doctors of any medical conditions you may be suffering from.
Fotona HAIRestart is generally well-tolerated, and side effects are rare. Some individuals may experience mild redness or irritation at the treatment site, which typically resolves within a few hours to days.
The results of Fotona HAIRestart can vary from person to person. With proper maintenance and follow-up treatments as recommended by our doctors, results can be long-lasting.
No, there is typically no downtime associated with Fotona HAIRestart treatment. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately after each session.
Results from Fotona HAIRestart treatment may vary, but many patients begin to notice improvements in hair thickness, texture, and overall scalp health a few days after initial treatment.

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