Dr Haach

Medi Facial

Medi Facial

Dr Oxygeneo Classic

Exfoliate, infuse and oxygenate your skin to renew youthful glow! This facial produces CO2 bubbles that gently burst on the skin surface creating a physiological response, sending oxygen-rich blood to the area, increasing capillary flow and skin metabolism.

OxyGeneo takes its inspiration from natural hotsprings known for inducing skin oxygenation. By simulating this effect, OxyGeneo triggers a body response that sends oxygen to the treated area. At the same time it exfoliates the skin and creates an optmal environment for infusion of essential nutrients both during and after treatment.

Suitable For:

Safe and All Skin Type, Rough Skin


Exfoliates surface layer of the skin, sloughing away the dead skin cells that

  • enhance nutrient and moisture absorption
  • plump and hydrate
  • restore skin volume
  • renew youthful glow
  • revitalize dull complexion
  • reduce appearance of wrinkles
  • firm skin and tighten pores
  • Improve skin cell production
  • reduce appearance of pigmentation

Perdurable Vintage

Perdurble Vintage is a premium facial involving multiple specially designed steps as shown below.

Two equipments are used in this facial namely RF ( Radio-frequency) and HPL (High-pulsed light). 

  • RF helps in helps stimulate collagen formation and activate skin cells, improve blood circulation in the skin.
  • HPL helps with skin rejuvenation, reduces pore size and fine wrinkles, helps with oil control, brightens skin

Suitable For:

Anyone experiencing loss of firmness and dullness in their skin. As well as collagen production, it boosts oxygen levels in the skin. 


  • Improve skin hydration and radiance for younger skin
  • Improve blood circulation
  • skin rejuvenation
  • reduce pores
  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles
  • improve oily skin
  • Brightens skin

Hydrogen Peel Therapy

Dr HAACH’s Hydrogen Peel Therapy is the solution for skin hydration, anti-aging with cleansing and brightening functions. With specialized water-galvanic, H202, Hydrogenated water peeling replenishes moisture, soothes and brighten skin. It is designed to moisturize, treat pores and remove keratin and lift your skin with Aqua Sure H2 Technology. 

The 3 step Hydrogen toning is completed through gentle suctions, starting with S1, a water-soluble keratin softener, which relaxes and soothe the skin. S2 that uses BHA, has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, removing sebum acne, thoroughly exfoliating the skin. S3 is an anti-oxidant, moisturizes, brightens and proves nutrition for a healthy, glowing complexion.

Suitable For:

  • men and women of all ages
  • those with coarse pores, dull skin, sensitive skin and fine lines and wrinkles. 


  • Tone & firm the face
  • increase the metabolism of the skin
  • whiten skin
  • aid the skin renewal process
  • reduce sign of aging
  • get rid of harmful free radicals
  • hydrate the skin
  • cleanse the pores from toxins

Sapphire H2 Plus Therapy

Dr HAACH’s Sapphire H2 Plus Therapy is an Aqua Peel treatment which is effective in treating acne and skin imperfections. It is suitable for all skin types and complexions for both men and women and it is the only hydro-dermabrasion treatment that combines with cleansing, exfoliation, peeling, extraction of impurities, hydration and antioxidant protection, all in one treatment. 

Suitable For:

  • It targets a range of skin conditions including acne, photodamage, dehydration, congestion, blackheads and fine line wrinkles.


  • Non-invasive exfoliation
  • Aids skin renewal process
  • reduce visible signs of ageing
  • Remove free radicals, excess keratin from skin
  • cleanse pores for visible toning, firming and skin whitening
  • moisturize, cleanse and hydrate the skin
  • increase metabolism ghun of skin

Cool & Calm Face

Sensitive skin may be caused by skin-damaging environmental factors such as allergens, chemical reactions, sun, wind, or excessive heat and cold temperature changes. Cool and Calm Facial is specially designed to target the triggers behind unwanted redness, itching, and stinging. A beautifully nourishing and calming treatment, which reduces redness and inflammation. Rebalances the skin’s natural ability to function on its own, whilst soothing inflammation and irritation, as well as eliminating toxins.

Suitable For:

  • Acne-Prone Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Sensitive Skin


  • Reduce Sebum Production
  • Clear Acne, Clogged Pores and Blackheads
  • Lighten Acne Scars
  • Maintain Skin Clarity
  • Reduce Swelling & Inflammation
  • Moisture and Hydrate
  • Soothes Skin

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