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5 Reasons To Try The Nose Threadlift

Put away the contouring and highlighting powders! You won’t need any makeup tricks at all to make your nose look higher, thinner and more pointed. All it takes is a Nose Threadlift. Here are just a few of the reasons why this is one of the most popular procedures in Asia!

It is safe

The Nose Threadlift is completely non-surgical and has less possible complications than fillers. For example, there are cases when fillers migrate or lead to odd-looking lumps on the nose.

Threadlifts carry no such risks because your nose is shaped using special PDO (polydixanone) threads. Your doctor will insert the threads to lift your nose to your desired shape. The body then builds collagen and tissue around the threads.

It looks natural

Nobody will ever guess you’ve had something done! Your new nose looks natural – your doctor just gave it a “lift” to make it look taller and thinner and isn’t radically changing its shape. This is the best nose treatment for someone who wants to enhance features and get a “natural looking nose job.”

It’s convenient

The session takes less 15 minutes – that’s shorter than the time most of us spend applying makeup! With no downtime, and aside from a bit of redness at the tip of your nose that will fade, you will look like your usual self, making it a convenient treatment to get at any time!

It’s effective

One session can already give you the desired results. Your doctor will simply adjust the type and number of threads to manipulate the height and shape of your nose.

It’s comfortable

The  Nose Threadlift isn’t painful at all. You may feel a little anxious if you’re afraid of needles, but the actual discomfort is very minimal. In fact, most people will only feel discomfort when the anesthesia is applied, and a little tugging at the nose tip. You won’t feel the rest of the procedure. Get a straighter, defined nose without surgery or downtime! Call us to find out more about the Nose Threadlift.