The Dos and Don’ts of Melasma

As much as we love our little red dot, one of the biggest complaints we have is the hot and humid weather. Besides being sticky and sweaty most of the time, being near the equator also means having a higher percentage of UV rays shining down on us and that is...

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More than half of women get adult acne in their twenties, and nearly 40% get it in their 30s. So why are the pimples of our teen years coming back to haunt us? And what’s the best way for us to prevent and treat adult acne? Causes of adult acne No matter what age you...

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What Causes Double Chin and How Do We Get Rid of It?

Sometimes, less is really more, and we are talking about chins here. Double chin makes one feels overweight, old, and unattractive. We might even avoid taking selfies with our friends just in case they post it on Facebook, showcasing our double chin to the world. Many...

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The Causes of Skin Redness

Skin Redness is an issue that can affect both women and men during any stage of life. Skin redness that is visible on facial skin may influence an individual to feel self-conscious or socially awkward. Understanding the origin and what is influencing redness on your...

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Skin Benefits of Deep Hydration

Dehydration causes skin ageing. Visible ageing encompasses the loss of moisture, the reduction of firmness and decreased elasticity beneath the skin’s surface. Dehydration causes skin ageing. Visible ageing encompasses the loss of moisture, the reduction of firmness...

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Understanding Pigmentation

The Correct Treatment for your exact Pigmentation What is Pigmentation? As simply as we can put it, pigmentation is a colouration of the skin, which can take the form of an evenly glossed bronzed skin-tone or an uneven blemish to one’s aesthetics. This can take the...

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A Guide to Laser Technology

Technological advances have allowed there to be a burgeoning selection of multiple laser devices and treatment settings to choose from. Get educated on what’s-what with Laser technology and be empowered to benefit from what Laser science offers. Understanding the...

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Pore-fect Skin

Are clients complaining of visible pores? They are not alone. Large pores rank as one of the most common frustrations for clients. Requests for facials that tighten, shrink, unclog, and minimize pores are received daily. Some clients even ask to get rid of their pores...

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Treatment and Prevention of Acne Scarring

Characterized as depressions in the skin, whether shallow or deep, acne scarring occurs in reaction to skin trauma. Experimentation and technological advancement has led to the development of a multitude of treatment options, but the likelihood of each being effective...

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Yes, the “me” generation has freed BOTOX from secrecy and made the muscle-relaxing injections socially acceptable. Now, BOTOX aficionados don’t have to hide behind an “I-just-woke-up-like-this” faux modesty. They post selfies, tag their dermatologists, share online...

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